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The Inspiration

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I TALK WITH MY HANDS was just a spark for several years. The idea sprang to life when I asked Gail Lenhard if she would be my co-author on this project.

Her immediate answer, “Yes,” was all I needed.

The spark blew into an open flame when we won a contest at the Florida Christian Writers Conference in the Early Reader category.

Deb Haggerty of Elk Lake Publishing, LLC picked up the book and the fun began.

First came the Covid pandemic. Gail and I worked on our book – sending pages and/or chapters back and forth by email. Then we decided to meet at Boyd Hill Nature Park, located nearby. We sat under a little pavilion on Saturday mornings and work for hours while drinking hot coffee supplied by me and munching gluten-free treats Gail would bring. Our determination was palatable.

Then Elk Lake assigned Linda Farmer Harris to be our Editor. This was truly a miracle. Our story began to take on a new life under her guidance.

I had read that writing a book is the easy part, editing is the real work…SO TRUE.

Lin spent ten months Zooming, emailing, phoning, and texting to make us find the “real” Danny.

We fell in love with our brave young deaf boy. We were protective Moms. Making Danny “normal” was not an easy task for us, but Lin insisted. Danny had to be authentic to the Deaf community. He had to have conflicts. He had to get sassy, and even had to wish he could hear. When he encounters a bully, his determination shines. He wants to handle Nathan in his own way—without any interference from his mom and dad.

Soon, we began to be a little in awe of him.

Lastly, we created a boy who isn’t afraid to defend his little sister, make new friends, or try new things. Just like any other boy his age.

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