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About Our Protagonist





The protagonist in our book, Danny Greene, never thinks of himself as being handicapped or challenged.

Because, he isn't.

He does whatever he wants to do - including building birdhouses and playing basketball games.

As Gail and I were writing, I TALK WITH MY HANDS, The Contest, we became very protective of Danny. We were both surprised at the depth of our affection for him. He became part of our family.

Our editor actually told us to "toughen him up."

We did, reluctantly, but realized she was absolutely right.

Danny wants to be just like all the other kids. And he is, except for his deafness. But, because of his deafness, he is able to do things other kids aren't able to.

His little sister, JoJo, is not above pestering him, but is also fiercely protective. She is very precocious and super talkative, telling everyone Danny can "talk with his hands" and anything else that pops into her head.

Together they make a great team.

Gail and I would love to hear your remarks about the book or any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest and support for our book.

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