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This book tickles the imagination, is humorous, and interactive, making it a perfect read aloud. Can cats "really" do all these un-catlike things? It also incorporates the eight colors taught in preschool. Children will delight in searching on each page for the "silent character", a little black mouse. "Really?" is a delightful book that will actively engage young children, while reinforcing color recognition. The repetition of the story will encourage children to participate as it is being read to them.


Kelly Bruhl Gilbert Kindergarten teacher for 18 years. "Really?" inspires imagination and wonder, introduces primary colors and sparks a love for reading and learning. The cats and mouse delight the young audience.


A "must" book for the two to five year old. Naomi Villiano Executive Director, New Phoebe House Association serving women and young children experiencing homelessness


Absolutely!, is the second picture book in a series written expressly for toddlers. It sparks their imaginations while reinforcing the numbers one through eight. As an interactive book, children love to "help" the reader by responding to the word, "ABSOLUTELY!" They will enjoy looking for the little mouse hiding throughout the book. There is a surprise at the end. Do little elephants really do these things? Hmmmmm...


Reviews..... Jeanne Mansfield knows toddlers and what they like. ABSOLUTELY!, is a fun way for children to learn their numbers. The colorful pictures, crazy elephant antics, and a little mouse make this book a delight. - Gail Lenhard


"ABSOLUTELY!", is a wonderful, interactive book from the author of "REALLY?" Jeanne Mansfield understands that learning should be fun and this book is no exception. Children and parents will love this entertaining and educational book. - Sara Shah

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