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About Us

- Jeanne Mansfield, Author -

Jeanne Mansfield has a life-long love of books.  While volunteering for Goodwill-Suncoast's Children's Literacy Program, BookWorks, she found a book for children written in Braille. This sparked the idea for I Talk With My Hands, a book for both deaf and hearing children.  She has written and self-published two toddlers' books.  They are interactive, colorful, humorous, and educational.  Jeanne feels introducing children to books at an early age is vital. 

-Gail Lenhard, Author-

Gail Lenhard is an award winning author who write for all ages and genres.  When Jeanne approached her to collaborate and I Talk With My Hands, she eagerly agreed, bringing to the projects memories of growing up with a deaf mother. 

                  Gail resides in St Petersburg. Florida with her husband, daughter,                  granddaughters and her many kitties.

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