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About Danny Greene

He's eight-years-old, and he's deaf.  But that doesn't stop Danny Greene from building spectacular birdhouses and dreaming of his own bicycle.

His family's recent move from Denver, Colorado, to Nashville, Tennessee, challenges all of his coping skills in the hearing world.

How can he use his sign language and lipreading abilities to make new friends, deal with a bully, and prevent a crime?

I Talk With My Hands
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What Readers Are Saying...

"I recommend I Talk With My Hands: The Contest.  As an elementary librarian for many years, I was always happy to find chapter books for the six- to ten-year-old children about students with challenges.  

To read a story about a deaf child who is portrayed as leading a full life in spite of his challenge is important for children who are not challenged as well as those who are. 

A book like this is important on the shelves of elementary school libraries as well as available on the bookstore shelves."

Nancy S. Brett, MSLS, MSEd, school librarian, retired

" I really like I Talk With My Hands: The Contest.  I've only read the first five chapters and can't wait to the rest.  The signing is cool. I want to know what is wrong with Nathan and find out if Danny's Birdhouse win the contest.  This is a great book."

Willian, age 9

"As a retired elementary teacher, I was thrilled to discover this book about an unlikely hero. Danny, a 9 year old deaf child, deals with making friends in a new city while coping with a bully who is targeting him. At the same time, he is learning to communicate through sign language and lip reading. Danny shows young readers how to persevere with bravery and kindness. A great read with a great message!"

Bonita K Begany, retired elementary teacher

Following is an official review.  4 out of 4 stars


Danny Greene was born deaf and is almost nine years old. He has an oncoming competition to prepare for. However, he had to contend with Nathan, a bully who is intent on causing him pain. Thankfully, he has loving and supportive parents and an adorable sister, JoJo. Danny's lipreading and signing skills helped him immensely. He was able to interact, make friends, and have lots of fun with his family. He also made beautiful birdhouses, which he presented at the competition.

It was intriguing to read about Danny's coping skills. He kept working hard to improve his lipreading skills. This can help deaf readers understand that hard work and determination can help them achieve their goals. I love Danny's kind and industrious disposition. He did not hesitate to fulfill Mrs. Tinkham's wishes when she asked for a birdhouse. This can help young readers to assist others unselfishly.

In recent times, bullying has become commonplace among young ones. Danny's experience shows that love is much more powerful than hatred and can help young ones get rid of their fears and deal with bullies successfully. I was able to learn the sign language descriptions for several words such as horse, hurry, thank you, and so on. The numbers on chapter headings were in signs as well. They were educational, and it's my favorite part of the book.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was exceptionally well edited. I have no dislikes about it. The grammar is simple, and the story is captivating. Young readers between the ages of 6 to 14 years and others who are interested in sign language will find this book interesting.

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