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About Danny Greene

He's eight-years-old, and he's deaf.  But that doesn't stop Danny Greene from building spectacular birdhouses and dreaming of his own bicycle.

His family's recent move from Denver, Colorado, to Nashville, Tennessee, challenges all of his coping skills in the hearing world.

How can he use his sign language and lipreading abilities to make new friends, deal with a bully, and prevent a crime?

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What Readers Are Saying...

"I recommend I Talk With My Hands: The Contest.  As an elementary librarian for many years, I was always happy to find chapter books for the six- to ten-year-old children about students with challenges.  

To read a story about a deaf child who is portrayed as leading a full life in spite of his challenge is important for children who are not challenged as well as those who are. 

A book like this is important on the shelves of elementary school libraries as well as available on the bookstore shelves."

Nancy S. Brett, MSLS, MSEd, school librarian, retired